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To prepare a data report appropriate for secondary school teachers based on The National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health 2013 (NSASSH).

will attach 3 files. One file is under all students, another is under focus group and the last one is a pdf which will need to be read in order to complete this assignment. Also, please be aware that it does mention HIM students. I am not a HIM student so just skip that part. Be aware that the file all students provides an outline on how the paper should be structured. There is also a scenario that will need to be read. Thank you very much and I really appreciate you taking the time to do this :).This is part of a (fictitious) transcript of a focus group of nine 16 and 17 year-olds from the high school where you have been working. The group includes four males and five females from Year 12.
INTERVIEWER I am really interested to know your ideas about the typical person of your age and whether they drink alcohol. So can you tell me, do people your age drink?
LILLIAN Yep. Its a common thing to do, especially being in Australia. But everyone has In my age group, everyone drinks. Except for nerds.
KEISDO Yep. All the time. From 14 up.
KELLY Yes, I agree, everyone at school drinks a lot. Drinking is associated with being an adult, like you know, smoking, doing all those things which like adults do, if you are younger and you do the things adults do then it makes you seem older and I think thats what our age group wants to be taken seriously.
INTERVIEWER So what sort of things do you and others drink?
KELLY Bourbon, Bacardi basically just whatever you like.
TOM Well beer, of course
LUKE Whatevers nice and strong and makes it happen quicker
ANGIE Most girls seem to prefer white wine or cocktails I reckon
YVETTE There is all sorts of good stuff; jaeger bombs are my favourite
ANGIE Oh no, you shouldnt drink those Red Bull is not good!
JACK Oh its fine you are only young once! There is nothing wrong with a jaeger bomb or two. Its just fun!
LUKE Yeah, yeah I agree with Jack. Its just a bit of fun. It doesnt happen all the time just sometimes..
INTERVIEWER So you drink for fun, are there any other reasons for drinking?
KELLY Just to be cool and to have a good time. There are always stories after a night out [laughter] and there are also some great drinking games
LUKE Yeah, yeah, its more fun if someone gets a little bit tipsy and even more outrageous than usual. Remember that time when Joe got into that argument with those hipsters
ANGIE Yes, some say that people who drink just want to make themselves look hard, like oh yeah I drink.
TOM I think anytime someone drinks it is because of peer pressure. Your friends just keep pressuring you until you give in.
CATERINA Well I drink to celebrate. You know, there is so much pressure on kids our age, it is good to just be able to have fun with your friends and enjoy being young.
KEISDO If your best friend is drinking, youre going to drink, too.
LILLIAN Oh I dont know. I dont feel like my friends pressure me. It just something that we do together.
INTERVIEWER Okay, it seems like that some of you may have seen someone your age who has maybe drunk too much. Is that right?
LILLIAN Yes, every weekend everyones drunk.
TOM Oh, its not all the time. Occasionally someone has too much but is okay
LUKE It can be hard playing footie on a Sunday morning after a night out with the boys
ANGIE Ive seen some of my friends drunk.
YVETTE Yeah, they can be pretty silly when theyve had a bit to drink. It can be pretty funny though
KELLY Well, Ive seen people throw up and that, and fall over and stuff, and its just
INTERVIEWER Really? What do you think when you see that?
KELLY What falling over and vomiting?
KELLY Its disgusting really. I reckon you should know when your limit is. It is stupid to fall over because youve had too much alcohol and it is just gross to throw up.
INTERVIEWER I imagine that it is pretty terrible, but do any of you ever done anything because you were drunk that you have regretted afterwards?
CATERINA Oh, many things.
TOM Its really not that bad. You shouldnt make too much of it. Yeah occasionally someone throws up, but were young, we get over these things quickly.
LUKE You werent saying that last weekend
TOM Shush you!
YVETTE Hey, it is okay for most people, there are some I can think of that probably regret what they did when theyd had too much to drink. Jackie would never have gone off with the guy with the [inaudible] Im sure if she had been sober. He was horrible.
INTERVIEWER Okay, so lets change topic here. You are all under 18 so where do you and your friends get alcohol from?
LUKE Uh, my mate gets stuff from his folks liquor cupboard.
TOM I get my older brother to buy my stuff but I know someone who steals a bottle of Jack Daniels every now and then from a bottle shop.
LILLIAN Oh, there are some 18 year olds at school, and they can buy alcohol for their friends. But some guys just take drinks from home. You can always aID vodka to your water-bottle and take it with you.
KELLY Its relatively easy to get some age identification you just need an older brother or sister or cousin, or whatever. Someone who sort of looks like you in case you are challenged.
LUKE It is a lot easier for some than others. If you are already shaving or have a beard you dont get questioned about your age nearly so much.
KELLY Its easier for girls to look older plus the guys on the doors will always let a chick in even if they dont look much like their ID
YVETTE Most get it from the shops, like everyone else. Weve all got part-time jobs and earn money.Well, when you first start drinking, when youre a younger teenager you may not be working so normally people steal it from, like, their parents. So theyll get, like, the cask wine out and theyre like, Yeah!
LILLIAN Some, their parents will buy it for them. Then we all just drink at their house. Well, not us, but everyone drinks at their house. And then you can just ask people on the street. You see so many Youll just be going to a party and you just walk past the bottle-oh and youll just see little 14-year-olds running around, asking, just randomly, everyany guy that they think on the street for them to buy them, like, a fourpack of Bacardis.
INTERVIEWER Its mainly girls asking guys?
INTERVIEWER Im interested in where you drink. I am a little confused because it sounds like some of you are drinking at home but others seem to be going to different venues. Where do you drink?
KELLY Well we start at home. And then well go out and have like a vodka and coke, or maybe we will meet up at the pub first and have another glass of wine and then well go to somewhere else like a bar or something.
YVETTE Well we all go to my friends house and we just sit there and we drink and we talk.. .we get closer, I think.
INTERVIEWER So where do they get their alcohol, Yvette?
YVETTE Her parents buy it. They reckon that it better to know what she is drinking and where.
LUKE Yeah, thats what my parents say too.
INTERVIEWER Someone mentioned before something about drinking games. Can you tell me something about that?
LILLIAN Yeah, yeah there are lots of cool drinking games
LUKE Theres card drinking games and dice drinking games. You know, youre basically chugging beer, youll get a funnel out, and youll do kegstands. I mean, something where youre not just leisurely drinking a beer, youre pounding beers faster than its hitting you.
JACK Pre Game is what I call it when I drink as much of the cheapest alcohol as possible before I leave for a night out. I dont get wasted before I go out, but I make sure Im feeling pretty good.
TOM Beer pong is a great game, definitely its a popular one at the moment.
KELLY You can get board games where you have to drink if you land on a certain square or pick the right card. But you can also play a game where you drink when someone says a certain word or when something happens. Drinking games are cool..
INTERVIEWER What about those people who dont drink alcohol?
ANGIE I reckon theyre sensible.
KEISDO Respectful.
YVETTE Oh I dont know, some people are just happy with who they are.
LUKE I think its a bit strange to be honest people who dont drink.
TOM I dont think I know anyone who doesnt drink. I certainly dont know anyone who started and then, like, stopped drinking.
KELLY I dont know, some people cant drink for health reasons but they look after others that do, when they go out. They are good to have aroundbut I reckon it must get a boring for them. They arent having as much fun.
ANGIE I dont think anyone should get drunk before they turn 20, um I mean I dont think that anyone should get drunk at all, cos its stupid. Its like, deliberately making yourself unsafe. Its when most accidents happen.

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