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Unit V Health Information Management

Unit V

Health Information Management

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Unit V Health Information Management
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Question 1 

Community health scorecards are a great way of tracking progress in improving the health of a community. What dimensions would you be sure to include in your own community health scorecard? And what are some community health examples of specific measures to include?






Question 2 

You are the vice president of patient care services for a 250-bed community hospital. Your CEO and board president approach you with a big assignment. They ask you to take the leadership role in forming a new Community Health Partners type organization for your community. Think about your own community where you live right now. What organizations and what types of people will you invite to participate in the Community Health Partners group? And why have you selected this group?





Question 3 


Review the website of the National Association of Community Health Centers and the Case Example provided from the Billings Gazette. 

Why are so many U.S. communities now applying for community health center grants and seeking ongoing federal funding for a community health center? Would you consider a career in managing a community health center? Why, or why not?

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