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various intellectual property issues surrounding Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat

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various intellectual property issues surrounding Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
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There has been significant recent intellectual property related controversy on each of the emerging technologies

Then write a 2 page persuasive paper (approximately 500 words) that begins with an introduction and then a clear one sentence argument (this is your thesis) that will be the last sentence of your first paragraph (you will develop this argument based on your research of the topic you have chosen). Papers that do not place their thesis statement as the last sentence of their first paragraph will receive a deduction.

Keep your focus narrow, picking an argument that can be demonstrated throughout the paper in three or four simple steps. Be sure to give a clear sense of where you are going to take your argument in the first paragraph. Your goal is to persuade the reader of your position and your thesis statement should reflect this.

Build your argument throughout your paper in small steps, making sure your sentences follow logically and coherently and that there are clear transitions between your paragraphs. Thoroughly express all concepts and claims, asking yourself for each one, have you thoroughly defended the claim or have you just stated it. Include factual references to demonstrate your familiarity with, and understanding of, the material in question. Be sure that your argument is informed by and connected to this module’s readings in the class text. Write clearly and convincingly. Be sure to write in your own words and cite any material that is not your own.

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