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watch the following Ted talk and write and follow the directions.

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watch the following Ted talk and write and follow the directions.
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  • Part 1: Choose ONE of the three TedTalk videos posted in Module 14.3 to cite and respond to. Two of the videos are concentrated on “ethics” and one is on “innovation.” Watch one of the videos carefully all the way through, and then click on “transcript” underneath the video so that you can easily copy and paste one or two sentence(s) that resonated strongly with you. Make sure to practice giving proper credit to the TedTalk speaker. Describe the context of the video and what you gained in knowledge from watching it.
  • Part 2: Your Beginning Thoughts and Research on Your Essay #4: Here, you should inform us about your major/career goals and what specific area(s) within your field you think you’d like to explore/do research on. Identify a source you’ve found (title, author, and a direct link to it online if it is possible to include one). Contextualize it for us, and explain what you learned from it. Why do you think this would be a useful source for your essay topic? What else do you hope to find, as you continue to do more research? What “word search combinations” have you used already (such as “ethics in education” or “innovations in K-12”), and where are you currently “stuck” or “frustrated,” if you have reached that point at all? You are also encouraged to share any “burning questions” you have about your field that you want to further understand/learn more about. This is how all good research papers start!

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