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Week 5 Biostatcies

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Week 5 Biostatcies
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Week 5 Assignment: Hypothesis Testing (continued)

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Open the small Excel database that was provided to you in week 4. To run the test statistics you have to re-arrange your data.

With this database, you will:

  1. Run a one-way ANOVA to compare three or more groups of people (specified by a categorical variable) on one continuous variable.
    1. Write the null and alternate hypotheses.
    2. What is the calculated mean for each group?
    3. What is the calculated F value?
    4. What is the p and critical F value?
    5. Is the p value significant? Is calculated F value greater than Critical F value? Conclusion?
  2. Run a chi-squared test to determine whether one group of people has higher rates of a given outcome relative to the other groups of people in the data set.
    1. Write the null and alternate hypotheses.
    2. What is the calculated chi-square value?
    3. What is the p and critical value?
    4. Is the p value significant? Is calculated chi-square value greater than Critical F value? Conclusion?

Need Excel help? Click on the Excel Function Help Workbook under Course Materials.

Looking Ahead to Week 6:

In addition, it is time to put together your survey (maximum total of 10 questions) so that you can distribute it to your friends, relatives, or coworkers to complete. You will need to include questions for your main dependent variable and independent variable into the survey. The survey must also include demographic questions and at least two open-ended questions where participants provide their opinions. These questions need to be related to your topic and hypothesis. We identified your independent and dependent variables in Week 2. Once your instructor approves your survey, you can start data collection. To have your survey approved, submit it to the Survey Approval link under course materials on the left-side menu. You and your instructor will be able to comment back and forth, until approved. You should have your survey submitted no later than by the end of Week 6 to allow enough time to gather the data. Then, you can distribute your surveys in person using paper copies, or put it on an online survey platform (e.g., SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang) and send it out to your participants by email or social media. Keep in mind that you will want at least 30 participants to complete the survey!

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