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What does the democratic peace theory posit?

What does the democratic peace theory posit?

Select one:

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What does the democratic peace theory posit?
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a. All nondemocratic governments are war prone

b. Democracies rarely have large armies

c. Democracies are less likely to fight each other than nondemocracies

d. Democracies are the most domestically stable governments

e. Democracies are more peaceful than other regime types

The rational model of foreign policy decision making

Select one:

a. assumes that the state is a unitary actor with established goals

b. has been adopted by virtually every Western country

c. is only applicable if a state has a democratic government

d. takes into account organizational procedures

e. is the worst model that can be applied in times of crisis

What factor do the both the textbook and Jessica Matthews argue has contributed most to rising challenges to the state?

Select one:

a. new military technologies

b. the rise of religion as a force in daily lives

c. the rise of communism focused on classes

d. the computer and telecommunications revolution

e. industrialization

A “failed state” is one that

Select one:

a. has recently changed government types

b. is unable to perform one of its vital functions

c. no longer exists

d. has a budget deficit

e. loses its seat at the United Nations

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