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White Supremacy in South Africa

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White Supremacy in South Africa
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Write a 1,000 word essay, on the following topic:

In what ways, and to what purpose, did the pursuit of white supremacy in 20th century South Africa affect the lives of people of color? Be as specific as you can in your answer with regard to policies, practices, individual lives and experiences.

Make sure that you:


Clear, coherent, well-developed argument

Clear introduction, body and conclusion. Each paragraph is well structured and has a clear topic sentence.

Demonstrate understanding of the readings to construct and support the response. The source material is appropriately and consistently cited using proper Chicago Style citation.

Words are spelled correctly, grammar is clear, and punctuation is used correctly.

Show clear signs of creativity.Cite (and footnote) at least 3 of the primary documents in the google drive.

2. Make at least 3 references to video material in the google drive as well as youtube links (films and short clips).

3. Cite at least 3 of the secondary sources in the google drive.

4. Google drive link for materials;…

Dancing at the Union Buildings

The Voortrekker Monument

Verwoerd defines apartheid


The “Race Problem” in 1953

Steve Biko video interview (90 seconds),

Steve Biko audio interview (8 minutes),

(Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.

Steve Biko’s fate, September 14, 1977 (3 minutes),…

(Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.

Meet the men who killed Steve Biko (12 minutes),…

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