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write and edit the answers for the following Question.

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write and edit the answers for the following Question.
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Q 1

Parking Hoping to lure more shoppers downtown, a city builds a new public parking garage in the central business district. The city plans to pay for the structure through parking fees. During a two-month period (44 weekdays), daily fees collected averaged $126, with a standard deviation of $15.

a) What assumptions must you make in order to use these statistics for inference?

b) Write a 90% confidence interval for the mean daily income this parking garage will generate.

c) Interpret this confidence interval in context.

d) Explain what “90% confidence” means in this context.

e) The consultant who advised the city on this project predicted that parking revenues would average $130 per day. Based on your confidence interval, do you think the consultant was correct? Why?

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Q 2


Some students checked 6 bags of Doritos marked with a net weight of 28.3 grams. They carefully weighed the contents of each bag, recording the following weights (in grams): 29.2, 28.5, 28.7, 28.9, 29.1, 29.5.

a) Do these data satisfy the assumptions for inference? Explain.

b) Find the mean and standard deviation of the weights.

c) Create a 95% confidence interval for the mean weight of such bags of chips.

d) Explain in context what your interval means.

e) Comment on the company’s stated net weight of 28.3 grams.

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