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writing an essay

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

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writing an essay
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this assignment is about to do 3 task:

A- write 2 essay around 120~150 words _____ due 10 May

B- plan for the final research ______________ ASAP

C- the final research ____________________ due 17 May (but I don’t want to work on it now! I’ll open different question latter)

anyway .. for now:

write 2 essay (annotated bibliographies) 120~150 words _____ due 10 May.

The annotated bibliographies will be between two articles which is it Revisiting code-switching practice in Tesol:A critical perspective and the Tagalog-English code-switching in English language classes

everything about how to write about annotated bibliographic in the handbook

You have to read the rest of this article not only this page to find out the annotated bibliographies.

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