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Your body must _____________________ to remain healthy.

Your body must _____________________ to remain healthy.

• These systems ____________________ as parts of your __________________

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Your body must _____________________ to remain healthy.
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Excretory System – removes excess ________________________________________, and other wastes from our _____________________. Very important in regulating how much _________________________________!

• Kidneys – filter out excess ________________________

• Lungs – filter out _____________________, from the blood.

• Skin – excretes water, as sweat, which contains some trace chemical wastes, including urea.


• The Liver

– ________________________ (alcohol) so kidney can excrete them

– Processes harmful products from ___________________________ for kidneys to excrete as urea

• Wastes are ________________________________ before being sent to the kidney through the bloodstream

Nitrogenous Wastes

• Amino acids are broken down to _____________________ (highly toxic) which is _________________________________

• Nucleic Acids are broken down into ___________________ in the liver

• Urea is the primary waste product in human urine

The Urinary System

• The urinary system ________ the blood of ___________________________

• The urinary system also ______________________ by removing excess water

• Gets ________________________

Kidneys – ______________ and excess water from the blood.

Ureters – _________ that take urine from the ________ to the


Urinary Bladder – a ___________ that stores urine.

Urethra – small tube that __________________________

Regulating Fluid Levels

• The _____________ constantly monitors the amount of


• When there is not enough water in the blood the

hypothalmus releases __________________________

this signals the kidney to _______________________

• When the brain detects _______________ in the blood,

the hypothalamus _________________________________

– This signals the kidneys to return less water to the blood and increase the amount of wastewater, called ________________, that is excreted.

– When there is lots of ADH in your blood your pee is ___________… why?

Organs of the Urinary System

• The main organs of the urinary system are two bean-shaped ________________

• The kidneys _____________________ that contains wastes collected from cells.

• It is made up of about 1 million tiny filtering units called ____________________

• In approximately 5 min, _____________________________________________

• Approx. 2,000 L of blood is filtered daily by the kidneys.

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