An IV infusion of 2 grams Pronestyl in 500 mL NS is infusing at 15 cc/hr secondary to refractory ventricular tachycardia.

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1. An IV infusion of 2 grams Pronestyl in 500 mL NS is infusing at 15 cc/hr secondary to

refractory ventricular tachycardia. How many milligrams per minute (mg/min) are

infusing? (This is an advanced calculation.)



2. The physician orders IV Cardizem to infuse at 15 mg/hour. The concentration of IV

Cardizem is 125 mg in 125 cc 0.9% NaCl. How many ml/hr must the infusion rate be set

for to initiate the order? (This is an advanced calculation.)



3. IV Levophed is infusing for a patient in septic shock. The concentration of Levophed is 8

mg in 250 mL. The infusion is set for 20 cc/hour. How many micrograms per minute

(mcg/min) are infusing? (This is an advanced calculation.)



4. The doctor orders 1 Liter 0.9% NaCL to infuse over 12 hours. You choose IV tubing that

has a drop factor of 10 gtts/mL. What would the flow rate be in gtt/min?



5. An order is received to infuse Kefzol 1g in 50 ml D5W over 45 minutes. How fast will you

infuse this medication by IV pump?



6. 500 ml D5W is to infuse over 3 hours. The infusion set is calibrated at 15 gtts/ml.

Calculate the flow rate in gtt/min.



7. At 0800 hours an IV infusion of 1500 mL D5W is started at 33 gtt/min. The infusion set

has a drop factor of 10 gtt/mL. Calculate the infusion time and completion time for this

IV infusion.

Infusion Time________________ hours and ________________minutes

Completion time_________________8. Your patient is to be started on a Nimbex infusion at 5 mcg/kg/min. Your patient weighs 50 kg. If the Nimbex concentration is 200 mg in 100 mL, what will you set the IV rate at? (This is an advanced calculation.)

ANSWER_________________ mL/hr


9. Calculate the rate of 20 mL of an antibiotic solution to be infused over 35 minutes using

a microdrop infusion set.



Questions 10 – 20 will refer to a patient who weighs 50 kg and has IV heparin ordered per the

following Weight Based Heparin Protocol.

Weight Based Heparin ProtocolHeparin IV infusion: heparin 50,000 Units in 500 mL 0.45% NaCl

For IV boluses: Use heparin 5000 Units/mL

Patients weight is 50kg

Bolus the patient with heparin 70 units/kg. Initiate a heparin drip at

20 units/kg/hr. Obtain APTT every 6 hours and adjust the dosage rate as follows:

If APTT is <35 seconds: Rebolus with 70 units/kg and increase the IV rate by 4


If APTT is 36-44 seconds: Rebolus with 40 units/kg and increase the IV rate by

3 units/kg/hr.

If APTT is 45-75 seconds: Continue with the current IV rate.

If APTT is 76-90 seconds, decrease IV rate by 2 units/kg/hr.

If the heparin rate is >90 seconds: Hold heparin for 1 hour and then decrease by

3 units/kg/hr.


10. Calculate the initial heparin bolus:__________________Units


11.How many mL will you administer for this IV bolus? _________________ mL


12. Calculate the initial heparin rate in units per hour. ________________units/hour


13.What will the IV rate be for problem 12? ________________mL/hr


14. Six hours after the IV infusion was started the APTT is 38 seconds. According to the

protocol, what will your next action be?

Rebolus with ______________units


15.How many mLs will you administer to give the bolus dose in problem ?ANSWER_________________________mL


16.What will you reset the IV heparin dose at?



17.What will the IV rate be for the calculated IV dose in problem 16?


18. Mrs. Smith has been on a heparin infusion of 1350 units/hr. for 6 hours. A

APTT is drawn and measures 96 seconds. After holding the heparin for 1 hour, you

recalculate the new IV dose to be?

ANSWER___________________ units/hr


19.What will the IV rate be for the calculated IV dose in problem 18?

ANSWER ____________________ml/hr


20.The next APPT measures at 76 seconds. What will the new IV infusion rate be?

ANSWER_______________________ ml/hr


21. The primary health-care provider prescribes a cough syrup 0.4 g every 4 hours. The dosage strength of the syrup is 100 mg/5 mL. The medication bottle contains a measuring spoon that measures in teaspoons and tablespoons. How many teaspoons will the nurse instruct the client to take?

ANSWER ____________________


22. The order is to receive 50 mg IVP of diphenhydramine. What is the time period over which the drug needs to be administered if it to be administered at 25 mg/min?

ANSWER ____________________


23. The order is for methotrexate 150 mg IV for a client weighing 60 kg. The drug needs to be administered at a rate of 10 mg/min into the Y-site of a free-flowing IV. Calculate the time period over which this IV medication should be administered at the given rate.

ANSWER ____________________


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