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Question 1. You are an experimenter, and you want to implement your own research to further the finds of the video you just watched. Provide the following for your own scientific research: Hypothesis of your scientific research Experimental methodology you would use to validate your hypothesis Make sure you INCLUDE AND IDENTIFY, as part of your experimental methodology, the independent variable(s) dependent variable(s) control group(s) experimental group(s) Expected outcome(s) and/or conclusion(s) of your proposed scientific research Question 2. What’s even more fascinating about these series of visual cliff experiments is that the infants have never been taught that crossing over these visual cliffs can be dangerous. Regardless, their movements (which are behaviors, as these movements are observable by others), near these cliffs demonstrate that infants may have an innate understanding of danger based on what they see. Why do you think this is the case? Note that this answer should not be posted onto "Discussions". (1 point)

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