As a social worker, you may encounter similar situations. 

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As a social worker, you may encounter similar situations.  There is still a stigma associated with sexual abuse and most of the time, cases are underreported. It took great courage for Louisa to share her story. Ms. Vargas and the social worker (who are mandated reporters and are legally required to contact child protective services) have to help Louisa to secure her safety, which involves reporting child abuse and by calling child protective services but also thinking about the support system and services Louisa will need as the investigation and possible removal from her home take place.

Louisa’s case is a first opportunity to consider support for others you may encounter in your practicum and later in your professional role. Think about your thoughts and then reaction to Louisa related to what you have learned and things you may want to learn. Remember that there will be a difference between what may be helpful for you versus what will be helpful for Louisa. Consider the following: self-reflection, awareness, and introspection as you answer the questions below.




Considering the information presented to you in the case, identify formal (e.g., services, where agencies or people are paid/receive funding from government, philanthropic foundations), and informal resources that may be helpful for Louisa and  list of each (no limit to the number).


Because you are currently enrolled in a Self-Care and Success course, think about all the internal and external resources available for you at and within Chamberlain as well as outside of it that can support your education as you progress through the program.

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