Bob has suffered damage to his brain. What will be the strongest contributing factor to his recovery?

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A 5-year-old was given a set of numbers to remember and was able to remember a 4 digit active number, what memory type did he use?

Group of answer choices

Short-term memory


Sensory Memory


Long-term memory


Executive function


Question 2Question 20.5 pts


A teacher supporting a child until they can perform a task unaided is an example of what concept?

Group of answer choices

Pretend Play


Theory of Mind




Private Speech



Question 3Question 30.5 pts


What disorder may a child have if they show significant disturbances in these areas: (a) deficits in social interaction, (b) deficits in communication, and (c) repetitive patterns of behavior or interests?

Group of answer choices



Down syndrome


Autism spectrum disorder





Question 4Question 40.5 pts


If a child has a tantrum when the caregiver makes a minor detail change to their agenda, what may this child have?

Group of answer choices

Autism spectrum disorder




Anxious attachment





Question 5Question 50.5 pts


What must a child do to have a theory mind?

Group of answer choices

Self- awareness


They must be able to tell the difference between what is true and what others “think” is true


Understanding that the world around them is fast moving and confusing


knowing when they are right and wrong


Question 6Question 60.5 pts


What are some of the benefits of children that learn self- control from a young age?

Group of answer choices

They will avoid immediate gratifications


They will have a strong sense of confidence


They will not fall into peer pressure


They will make better health and academic choice later in life.



Question 7Question 70.5 pts


You just came back from class in which the topic was egocentrism in the preoperational stage. You have a 4-year-old and thought that you would see if what you learned was accurate. You are sitting directly across from her and ask her to look at the front and back cover of her favorite book. After she did this you asked her to describe “the part of the book I am looking at.” What does she tell you?

Group of answer choices

the number of pages of the book


what you see


what she sees


what the story is about



: Question 8Question 80.5 pts


Having received a new bike for his birthday, Grant tells his mother that the bike needs to come inside the house at night because it might get lonely in the garage by itself. Grant’s rationale for why his bike needs to come inside the house is best explained by Piaget’s concept of ____.

Group of answer choices









Question 9Question 90.5 pts


Young children are less able to focus on active, hands-on play due to this current trend which also shows negative effects on cognitive and language development and is linked to attention problems later in childhood. Which trend would this be?

Group of answer choices





Fast Food





Question 10Question 100.5 pts


Dunn and Munn concluded over half of all siblings fights in early childhood occurred because…

Group of answer choices










Question 11Question 110.5 pts


The brain is about ___________ its adult weight by two years of age aned by age 6, it is at _________ its adult weight.

Group of answer choices

75 Percent; 95 Percent


65 Percent; 95 Percent


75 Percent; 100 Percent


80 Percent; 100 Percent


Question 12Question 120.5 pts


Jenna, has 3 kids and everyday Jenna asks her children how their school day went and will read them stories at bedtime. Whenever one of her kids get in trouble Jenna ensures she hears every perspective before she decides on a punishment. What kind of parenting style is Jenna?

Group of answer choices










Question 13Question 130.5 pts


What is the least common form of play?

Group of answer choices

Solitary Play


Onlooker Play


Associative Play


Unoccupied Play



Question 14Question 140.5 pts


Children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old generally grow how many inches per year?

Group of answer choices

2 inches


1 inch


3 inches


4 inches



Question 15Question 150.5 pts


Her daughter chooses to wait, what is her daughter showing?

Group of answer choices

self harm


Self concept


deeper understanding


super ego



Question 16Question 160.5 pts


Kwashiorkor impacts children’s physical and cognitive development.

Group of answer choices





Question 17Question 170.5 pts


Ashley is a toddler how many hours of sleep should she get?

Group of answer choices

14-17 hours


7-9 hours


9-11 hours


11-14 hours



Question 18Question 180.5 pts


Mary keeps peeing in her clothes during the day and bed at night, she isn’t doing this voluntarily, it just keeps happening. What disorder is this?

Group of answer choices



Enuresis and Encopresis combined




It’s not a disorder, she’s just still too young to potty train



Question 19Question 190.5 pts


Sara is a 4-year-old child that dresses like a guy and has many guy friends, many parents think she is really a boy. Her culture doesn’t adapt to her changes in clothes, interests or identity. What is this categorized as?

Group of answer choices









Question 20Question 200.5 pts


Bob has suffered damage to his brain. What will be the strongest contributing factor to his recovery?

Group of answer choices



Neurosurgical Treatment


Electrocution Therapy



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