Cremaster muscle, seminal muscle, or epididymis

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This testicle is a perfect temperature, but my dad works in 2023 the cold outside, so his [ Select ] works hard to be sure his testes are just the right cements temperature to keep me alive! When he goes inside, that Help Hours muscle relaxes, to let his testes hang and it will contract when he goes back into the cold! All this to keep his testes at a perfect [ Select ] below core body temperature for optimal functioning. After all, I want out of here! I am ready to meet my ovum! I continue to move onto the Drive next leg of my journey, let’s go. From the body of the epididymis I get to graduate to the 65 [ Select ] The muscular contractions of this vas deferens will carry me on. Now I bach get to start making my way to the outside, well, I’ve always been working toward that! Right now, I am just a sperm, smooshed up against all my other brothers and sisters, I am just one little part of a paste like substance. Now, I get to meet with some chaperones, if you will. Apparently, these chaperones are other fluids that will help me on the rest of my journey. This first chaperone comes from the next leg of my journey which is located right before the prostate gland where there is a fork like structure in the road. This structure, the [ Select ] add fluids (the chaperones) so I am no longer a paste like substance. As we move on, we move through the ejaculatory ducts (hahahaha, funny name, EJACULATORY ducts) which move through this very important structure called the [ Select ] . This gland also adds more chaperones to my journey (more fluid). I am moving now! I have space to wiggle my tail with all this fluid around me. Apparently, this fluid has all sorts of nutrients, I have so much energy! I am also totally mature at this point! One last stop for a few more chaperones from the bulbourethral glands and then I get out of here! These glands are where pre-cum comes from, so be careful with 

Possible options from drop-down box;

1. Cremaster muscle, seminal muscle, or epididymis

2. 7 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit, 7 to 12 degrees Celsius, or 17 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit

3. urethra, vas deferans, or bulbourethral gland

4. Ejaculatory ducts, seminal vesicles, or seminal emission

5. Prostate gland, midline structure, or bladder gland

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