Introduction to psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior (16th ed.)

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References Coon, D., Mitterer, J.O., & Martini, T. (2022). Introduction to psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior (16th ed.). Cengage Learning For this week’s main post, answer all of the following questions after taking the SRSS on page 420 of your textbook. Be sure to include factual, properly cited information in your post. What did you learn about yourself? What stressors and or "hassles * do you recognize in your life? What measures can you take in order to lower your stress and optimize your health and well being? How will this enable you to become a more productive student? **You might also enjoy visiting: If-help-tools or here: for more information and self-help. To post to the discussion, click on the title Week 4 Psy Discussion Forum and then Create Thread

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