Mood Disorders: The questions are related to the case study given below

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   Mood Disorders: The questions are related to the case study given below

  1. Based on the information provided, what diagnosis/diagnoses would you give the patient?
  2. Identify the symptoms within the case that support your diagnosis/diagnoses. This should be specific to the case study; do not just list symptoms for the diagnosis from your text. Be sure to also include the duration, intensity, and/or frequency of the symptoms as appropriate.
  3. Based on your assessment, describe the treatment you would implement with the patient. Please use your text and any other outside information you might need to answer this question.


Imma Sad, age 75, is brought into your office by her daughter, Beth. Beth explains that her mother came to live with her last year after Imma’s husband (Beth’s father) died. While Beth lives in the suburbs of a large city, Imma and Ray resided in a small town all 50 years they had been married. Beth explained that because Imma did not have any relatives in the small town, they felt it would be better if she came to live with Beth and her family.


Beth described her mother as a usually active and engaging woman; however, over the recent months she has become increasingly withdrawn and isolates herself in her room. She eats very little and has lost about 15 pounds in the past 5 months. She has trouble sleeping and Beth reports hearing Imma up walking around at night. Beth became concerned when she overheard Imma talking on the phone to a friend back in her hometown.


Imma added that she misses her friends and her church back home, as she does not have any friends in the new city. Her husband is buried back in that town as well. She begins to cry and states “I feel so alone here. I miss my husband. I really don’t think I have a lot left to live for. I just want to die.”

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