Recalling Semantic and Episodic Information From Faces and Voices: A Face Advantage

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For this assignment you are asked to read the article titled “Recalling Semantic and Episodic Information From Faces and Voices: A Face Advantage” attached above.  The article is related to the topics you have been studying on memory.  Please note it is important you also read the document in the study section of the course called “Research Questions, Hypothesis, and Variables”.  You also need to review chapter 1 of your textbook.  Your task is to demonstrate an understanding of the research process used by cognitive psychologists and apply them to other topics.  To demonstrate some competency in research, answer the following questions in a brief essay paper.  You may use each question as a heading in the paper for organizational purposes:

  1. Summarize the article
  2. This article states most experiments they looked at have been between subject experiments.  Based on what you read in chapter 1, what does that mean?  If you were doing these experiments would you prefer a between subject or within subject approach?  Why would you choose one over the other?
  3. On page 380 of the article research by Barsicks and Bredant (The 2012b article noted in the first full paragraph on the left side of the page) is discussed.  How might you state the hypothesis they tested (you can figure it out using the instructions below)?
  4. What are the dependent and independent variables in the study?

To Answer Question 3 Do the Following:

On page 15 of your text the following study is described:

“Participants might perform several memory tasks but receive a different set of instructions for each task. The investigator then compares the performance of the participants in the first condition with the performance of the same participants in another condition.”

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