Sammie’s Side of the Conflict

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How theories are connecting with the gap in the literature?

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Sammie’s Side of the Conflict

Since being assigned to a second school, Sammie has been on overload.  Sammie now spends valuable working hours traveling between schools, managing two media centers and filling all media requests. To cut corners and allow for equipment malfunctions, she/he shuttles things such as VCR’s, overhead projectors, and tape players between the schools.  Unfortunately, she/he ends up losing things in the shuffle, including order forms and requests.

Sammie can no longer give Frankie the personal attention she/he once gave her/him.  Sammie has gotten quite frustrated with the daily schedule and she/he is now expected to maintain.

Sammie meets Frankie in the school’s parking lot after school. Frankie is furious with Sammie and asks him to meet with her right now in the teachers’ room.

Frankie’s Side of the Conflict

Frankie believes in using a multimedia approach to teaching history.  He/she feels her/his classes respond well to the video learning and likes to incorporate video whenever possible.  This school year, as in the past, Frankie has relied on Sam, the media specialist, to order videos and provide VCRs for him/her.

This year, however, Sam has been assigned to a second school and has much less time to spend at Lakewood High.  There have been several times when Frankie has been disappointed to discover that Sam is at the other school or is in transit, especially when a VCR has broken or the media center supply room has been locked in Sam’s absence.  Further, because some of his/her requests have gone unanswered, Frankie has become reluctant to trust Sam for things he/she needs from the media center.

Recently, once or twice Frankie wanted to confront Sam on lost requests or broken equipment, but the situation or timing wasn’t right.  Today, prepared with a handful of videotapes on the Civil War, Frankie has planned to start a week-long unit, but once again he/she finds herself/himself with a broken VCR.  Frankie’s frustration is rapidly turning to anger because Sam isn’t there and the supply room is locked. Frankie has to teach the class without the videotape.

1. What is the basic issue or issues in this conflict?

2. Is Frankie defending her position? Explain how. If she is not, why   not?

3. Is Sammie defending his position?  Explain how.  If he is not, why not?

4. Is Frankie’s anger justified?  Why or why not?

5. What are the consequences if Frankie and Sammie avoid the conflict instead of attempting to manage it by negotiating?

6. What other options do Frankie and Sammie have before they start negotiating?


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