Seminiferous tubules, superfluous tubules

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urs D Question 1 6 pts Hi, I am Sally the sperm. Won’t you follow me on my journey as I am created and eventually expelled out of my daddy’s body! There’s a lot that will happen, so try and keep up. I can be found first in my daddy’s [ Select ] in this small, tiny structure called the [ Select ] where I am created. This process is which sperm is made is called [ Select ] Here I start my journey which can take up to [ Select ] days for me to become a mature sperm. I can’t wait to become mature and meet my destined ovum! As I start my journey, I begin to move into the [ Select ] . It’s incredibly crowded in here with my brothers and sisters, there are approximately [ Select ] of us in here . 

Possible answers from drop down menu

1. penis, brain, or testicle

2. Seminiferous tubules, superfluous tubules

3. spermology, spermatosis, or spermatogenesis

4. 100, 64, or 2

5. Vas deferans, epididymis, or epithelial

6. 300 million, 150 million, or 75 million

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