Topic on Organizational Behavior an evidence -based approach textbook

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Topic on Organizational Behavior an evidence -based approach textbook


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Directions: After reading Chapter 1, think about Theory X, Theory Y, and the Hawthorne effect and whether or not these studies are relevant to today’s workplace. Can you think of past or present work experiences that remind you of one or more of these theories? List and discuss workplace situations where you saw Theory X, Theory Y, or the Hawthorne effect in action. Do any movies or shows come to mind? Follow-up questions/debrief: 1. In Chapter 1, you read about the Hawthorne study at the Western Electric Company, which resulted in a deeper understanding of employee behavior. Managers with an understanding of the Hawthorne effect can apply this research to modern-day work environments. 2. Provide an example of a manager applying the Hawthorne study to a workplace situation. 3. Discuss workplace environments with a Theory X culture. Provide examples in your discussion.

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