Discussion Questions. 1. Draw the structure of glucose and label…

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Discussion Questions. 1. Draw the structure of glucose and label…

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Discussion Questions. 1. Draw the structure of glucose and label the chiral carbon(s). 2. Compare and contrast the structures of cellulose and starch and explain why humans cannot digest cellulose. Cite your source. 3. If blood sugar, using a colorimeter, had a value of 0.40. Calculate the actual concentration of blood glucose using the equation of the line generated in the Amrita simulation. Is this person diabetic? *you will need to create a table, and generate a slope of the line equation, or assuming the relationships are linear, setup a ratio for the above value. 4. Your family goes to a iHop for brunch and one person in your group is a Type 1 diabetic. Although they wear an insulin pump that calculates the amount of insulin they need in order to balance their blood sugar, the person didn’t change the battery and the pump is not working. Although you are no expert, you decide to do a crude calculation for them. Here’s the information you have: the person’s checked their blood glucose level before eating and have a readout of 98 mg/dL and they plan on eating three original buttermilk pancakes, with half a cup of their Old Fashioned Syrup. a). Calculate the amount of glucose in their meal and assume all carbohydrates will be converted to glucose and that all other factors such as fat, and fiber are negligible. You will need to look up the nutritional values for this in order to do this calculation. b) If a person is supposed to inject one unit of insulin for every 5g of carbs consumed, how much insulin should a person inject before eating? *corrections are aften done if the starting blood sugar is above a certain value; we will omit this part since our hypothetical number is in the normal range. 

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