Original Question – Referring to chapter 4, what are the five…

Original Question – Referring to chapter 4, what are the five…


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Original Question – Referring to chapter 4, what are the five questions to ask when doing an audience analysis? Discuss why it is so important to conduct an audience analysis when writing a report. Referring to chapter 5, what are the principles of style? What do you need to work on in your own style of writing?


Initial post – The five questions to ask during an audience analysis include who is the audience, what is your relationship with the audience, how will the audience likely react, what does the audience already know, and what is unique about the audience. An audience analysis is highly important when writing a report because it will help one understand the message from a reader’s perspective. With this analysis it is important to have  effective communication so that the message is effectively conveyed to the audience. This audience analysis can also better allow for there to not be misunderstandings to the audience. If the person writing the report does not consider their  audience then this can lead to misunderstandings. Regardless if the audience are experts or not, ensuring that the person writing the report ensures that the report is clear, and relevant to the audience.

In chapter five the principles of style include words, sentences, paragraphs, and tone. Words have to do with writing clearly and concisely. Sentences have to do with using a variety of sentence types. Pharagphars keep that paper or report unified. Tone is writing confidently and using positive language. Personally I think that I need to work on the tone of my papers when it comes to writing. I get so overwhelmed when it comes to writing papers that I tend to lose confidence. However all of these principles are highly important when it comes to writing.


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