The chemical formula HCO?

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D Question 1 4 pts The chemical formula HCO?” is a chemical shorthand for the chemical species
known in English as the See the discussion of ocean chemistry in the presentation on Oceans. O carbon
dioxide molecule. O carbonate ion. O bicarbonate ion. O tricarbonate ion O carbonic acid molecule.


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:> Question 3 4 pts Which of these was needed to allow buildup of oxygen in the atmosphere? 0
proliferation of plants on land 0 proliferation of microbes in the ocean 0 absorption of ultraviolet light in the
atmosphere 0 high concentrations of iron dissolved in the ocean


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Question 4 4 pts Evidence of what the polar climate was like 100 million years ago includes 0 no fossils
whatsoever, indicating completely frozen conditions O fossils of large mammals, such as mammoths and
camels O fossils of large reptiles, such as dinosaurs and crocodiles O fossils of insects, the onl… 


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D Question 5 4 pts What is a proxy? O An extinct microbe, responsible for the production of oxygen O a
single decadal layer of coral growth O something that represents climate conditions O an instrument for
measuring oxygen isotope ratios


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D Question 6 4 pts When oxygen first started to build up in the atmosphere, the solar constant was about
W/m2, compared to today’s value of about 1400 W/m2.


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Question 2 4 pts Europe is relatively warm for its latitude. Check it out on a map: most of Europe is as far
north as Canada and Siberia. The famous beaches of the French Riviera are further north than Ann Arbor.
Which of these is a possible explanation for the warmth of Europe, compared to Canada and Si… 


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