Which macromolecule contains fatty acids?

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Part A: Multiple Choice – Circle the Best Answer 1. Which macromolecule contains fatty acids? a. Proteins b. Lipids c. Nucleic Acids d. Carbohydrates maine 2. Which macromolecule contains phosphorus? a. Proteins b. Lipids c. Nucleic Acids d. Carbohydrates 3. Which macromolecule(s) contain(s) hydroxyl groups? a. Lipids b. Nucleic Acids c. Carbohydrates d. Nucleic Acids and Carbohydrates 4. Which macromolecule(s) contain(s) carbonyl groups? 12 HOOD a. Proteins b. Lipids c. Nucleic Acids d. All of these 5. Which macromolecule contains amino groups? a. Lipids b. Proteins c. Nucleic Acids d. Proteins and Nucleic Acids 6. What type of reaction is the following? H3C – NH- C -CH2 – CH – CH3 H3C – NH2 + HO- C -CH2 – CH – CH) + H20 O a. Neutralization b. Redox c. Hydrolysis d. Condensation 7. Large, uncharged molecules may move into the cell down their concentration gradient using what type of cellular transport? a. Simple Diffusion b. Facilitated Diffusion c. Ion Channel d. Active Transport 44 

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Biochemistry 8. Which of the following is necessary for some enzymes to function? a. glycerol b. cofactor c. purine d. fatty acid Part B: Short Answer "”‘m’ H Fatty acids 1. (KU – 3 marks) Show how glycerol, an ATP H_L_OH Ho_c_m’_wl_lmfl”_ml molecule, and two saturated fatty acids can I (i combine to form a phospholipid. Label the H—C—UH HcI—c—CHl—CHa’iCHzlis-Cfla I NH} part of the phospholipid that is polar, and H—C-OH h rtthat is non olar. _ _ _ A t 9 pa 9 I o O T /\ N p ATP 1 l 2. (COMM — 3 marks) Describe how enzymes speed up the rate of reaction, and how they interact with substrates. 3. (COMM — 4 marks) Describe how the cellular membrane is fluid and mosaic, and draw a diagram of it, state the components of the cell membrane as well. 4. (APP — 2 marks) Using a diagram, explain how ATP is used to produce (release) its chemical energy. 5. (APP — 2 marks) What is the second law of thermodynamics and explain how the evolution of a very complex species like Humans does not contradict it. 6. (APP — 2 marks) A solution containing a particular enzyme, its substrate and its inhibitor is made. The activity of the enzyme is measured. Then, the solution is flooded with the substrate, and the activity of the enzyme increases significantly. Determine the type of inhibition this type of enzyme is experiencing with this inhibitor. Explain your answer. 45 

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Biochemistry 7. (TI – 4 marks) Draw and state the type of reaction that occurs when two sugars combine to form a disaccharide. Also, draw an energy diagram that shows the uncatalyzed and catalyzed pathways. Would this reaction be endothermic (endergonic) or exothermic (exergonic)? Explain your answer. ent solutions – one is distilled water, the 8. (Ti — 2 marks) 2 identical potatoes are put into differ in the potatoes after they are put in and other is a salt solution. What differences might you see explain why you might see them. 

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