Answer these questions about the vitamin Iron identification of the nutrient and type of nutrient (e.g., vitamin, minera Answered over 90d ago

Can someone please help me with the questions?. 5. Nutrition &…

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5. Nutrition & price wise, what would be suitable replacement(s) to beef sirloin: 6 Consider the DRIs for the r—following— individual What main nutritional needs will be covered —by— 3 oz of beef? A 2 _ye—ar-o|d child A 1 7 year-old male A 21 year-old female A g2 gear-old lactating_ women [A 72 year-old male 8. For each of the following_ gplain how they work to tenderize meat a} Enzymes t_)) Salts c) Acids g) Pounding_ 7. How does the cuts of the meats and the age of the animal affects it tenderness 

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