Case Conceptualization

Case Conceptualization

Theory/Theorist: Name your theory (Adlerian, Person-Centered, Gestalt, Family systems, etc.—-pick one according to the directions in class)

Presenting Problem: Describe the client (name, age, gender, ethnicity, family, etc.) and the client’s issues in terms of how you perceive problems/issues (e.g., client exhibited symptoms of anxiety – pressured speech, tense features, agitated or restless). Be sure to include contributing factors.

Hypothesis: Explain why the client is experiencing these problems. If you see client as socially disconnected (indicating low social interest) from an Adlerian view, explain the evidence for this from the details in the case study. If you are posting for person-centered, provide evidence from the case that suggests the client is living incongruently. Be sure to always relate how you see the client to the features of the theory.

Goal: Explain your goal for your client in terms of the theory you are using. In other words, what would an Adlerian counselor want to see happen for the client and why? Be sure to cite your reference(s). For example, an Adlerian counselor might want to encourage the client to engage in a lifestyle that meets their social needs; whereas a person-centered counselor might want to see clients live congruently.

Interventions: List a minimum of two intervention from the approach you have chosen (outlined in readings), explain each intervention and why it might be useful in meeting goals.

· Intervention 1: Explain your method (and cite your source) and why it would be useful for your client in meeting goals


· Intervention 2: Explain your method (and cite your source) and why it would be useful for your client in meeting goals


Expected Outcome: The goal of xxxxx therapy is . . .. . Explain what outcome(s) you hope to achieve for your client using the interventions above. Support your thoughts with citations from our textbook and/or other resources.

References: List your references here. See Doc Sharing on proper citing and referencing. Remember you must cite and reference the chapter author(s) NOT the editors of our textbook.

Copy and paste your conceptualization into the Discussion Board. Do not use a title page and do not attach the document. Your post must be able to be easily seen in the Discussion Board. Delete these instructions. Thank you.

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