Describe the advertisement. Include information about…

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C. Describe the advertisement. Include information about…

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C. Describe the advertisement. Include information about strawberry, whether video, graphic, song, etc., and the fonts, colors, and artistic themes that will attract the target audience. The most important part of section C is the description of two featured FDA-approved nutrition claims that will appear in the ad. The claims can be Nutrient Content Claims, Health Claims, or Structure-Function Claims, but they must be relevant to the target audience, legitimate, and properly worded. To learn the FDA criteria for Nutrient Content Claims use, review Appendix A-B, and to differentiate between Health and Structure-Function claims and the requirements for their use, review Appendix C. Here it is one example:


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Section C Since spirulina algae is harvested in lakes and ponds, which makes people tend to think of greens and browns, the styling of the advertisement focuses on the bright blue color of the product. A day out swimming in the sun makes you feel happy and full of energy. The advertisement displays an energetic happy individual having a great time in the water, tan with the sun and with their bowl of brightly colored blue deliciousness. The nutritional claims are that a 3-gram serving has 25% of out daily Vitamin A, and 14 % of our daily iron requirement. GRADER NOTES ° Ad design details are too vague and unrelated to the audience in B ° Not as detailed, relevant, or interesting as section A and B ° Claims and serving sizes that will be displayed are correct 

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