Lipids (6:29), What is Cholesterol (1:10), Bile – What is…

Lipids (6:29), What is Cholesterol (1:10), Bile – What is…

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Lipids (6:29), What is Cholesterol (1:10), Bile – What is Bile(1:53), Emulsification animation (1:50), How to Harden Vegetable Oils Through Hydrogenation (3:42), Butter vs Margarine (3:10) the link is YouTube


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Lipids — YouTu be Videos Worksheet Lipids Video 1. What are lipids? 2. List 6 functions of lipids: a l 17. Phospholipids are a major component of membranes of the cell. bl 18, is a type of steroid [steroil. c) 19. Cholesterol serves as the for the synthesis of other steroids such as testosterone, d) estrogen, vitamin D and cortisone. El f) what is Cholesterol? and Bile-What is Bile? Videos 3. What are the 3 main classes of lipids? [A 4’" is mentioned in the video waxes, however we don’t study them 20′ twang” is a waxy al—SUbsmme “‘3’ Val" hm!" makes bl—i" V.” in Nutrition.) c) a) 21. Cholesterol is needed to help make vitamin a) from sunlight. Cholesterol helps create bl—so you can digest fat. bl 22. Your body makes cholesterol but it also carries from food like a) and c) b] products. 4_ All lipids are in water. Lipids and water do not mix. 23. Too much cholesterol causes a) to build up in your arteries. It can cause b] to form which can lead to c] or d) S. Lipids are hydro- 6.Triglyceridesinclude: a and E2) _. 7. a) are solid at room temperature. b] are liquid at room temperature. 8. At the molecular level, triglycerides contain 1 a + 3 Q1 acids. 9. Fatty acids can heal or b) Emulsifl cation Animation Video 24. What is an emulsifier? 111A "saturated” fatty acid is "saturated" or fill with the hydrogen atoms it can hold. . How to Harden Vegetable Oils Through Hydrogenation Video 11. Animal fats have a) fatty acids and are t!) at room temperature. 25, what is hydrogenation? 12. Unsaturated fatty acids have 1 to double bands. 13. Vegetable oils have a) or b) double bonds and are c) at room temperature. 14. a) are usually formed during the production of b] foods. They are found in partially hydrogenated c) . nutter vs. Margarine Video 15. The consumption of trans-fatty acid has been associated with disease. 26. What are two differences between butter and margarine. 16. Fhospholipids are similar to triglycerides because they contain glycerol and fatty acids. They contain 1 glycerol and a) fatty-acids and a in] group. 

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