Mental health among immigrants.

This week you will create an informational tool about a social justice issue of your choosing and compose an advocacy letter. There are THREE parts to the discussion board this week: 1. An informational product; 2. A letter to the elected official of your choice; and 3. A brief discussion post that explains your creation, answers the questions posed in the prompt, and includes an APA reference list.

First, pick an issue that you feel strongly about. The options are truly endless. Some examples are:

· Domestic violence.

· Prison reform.

· Mental health among immigrants.

· LGBTQ legislation.

· Veterans and substance use.

· Medicare payment for Licensed Professional Counselors.

If you need additional help choosing a topic, check out some of the resources provided below:

· ACA Social Justice page: to an external site.

· Counselors for Social Justice: Population-specific Research: to an external site.

· The Social Issues you Care about Most: to an external site.

· Frontline: Social Issues: to an external site.

· Counseling Today: Advocacy in Action: to an external site.

Second, choose a format for your educational tool. There are lots of documents in the learning resources of our course to help you pick a format. You might:

· Create a brochure.

· Create a Wiki.

· Create an educational PowerPoint.

· Write a blog post or newspaper article.

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. There are many free programs online that might be helpful for easily organizing your information into an infographic; below are two resources to get you started: to an external site. Shape, arrow  Description automatically generated to an external site.

Third, choose a specific, legislative audience for your message and compose an outreach. Based on the issue you chose, determine whom to contact: your federal, state, or local elected official and compose an email or letter to the chosen elected official about the legislative concern.

Post a brief reflection that explains your creation (3-5 sentences) and  paste the content of your letter or email into the discussion board (do not submit as an attachment), and include an APA reference list.



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