MHW-512 Family Dynamics and Systems Worksheet 6

MHW-512 Family Dynamics and Systems Worksheet 6

As a mental health worker, it is essential to understand the family systems: Individuals and their roles and boundaries. This assignment will help you understand how to analyze a family system.

Cite two to four sources (in addition to the textbook) to support your answers.

After viewing the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape film and reading the “ What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Case Study,” answer the following prompts:

Interpersonal relationships in Gilbert’s family:


Gilbert and each of his siblings (100-150 words):


Gilbert and his mother (75-100 words):


Did Gilbert have a relationship with his father? What do you think it was like? (75-100 words)


Explain the interpersonal relationships in Gilbert’s family (200-250 words).


Explain how these interpersonal relationships were formed and maintained (200-250 words):


Define resiliency and provide an example (75-100 words).


What are the components that are necessary to build resiliency? (75-100 words)


Effective Communication Skills:


Compare and contrast empathetic listening to active listening (100-150 words):


How would you use both types of listening when interviewing members of Gilbert’s family? (100-150 words)


Explain the challenges you have with active listening and sympathetic listening and how you plan on overcoming these challenges (100-150 words):


Lastly, explain why it is important for mental health workers to have effective communication skills in order to work with families of various populations. (250-300 words)





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© 2016. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.


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