Prelab 4: Legumes 1. Where is it grown, produced?

Can someone help me with this please? About Cowpeas . NUTR 214…

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NUTR 214 Prelab 4: Legumes 1. Where is it grown, produced? Country & region 2. How do you use it? 3. How is it eaten 4. Any health specificity (positive and/or negative) NB: Just don’t say "it’s a healthy food" or "it high in" All claims must be justified in a clear and understandable way, and backed by facts (& reference) 5. Dollars wise, is it an affordable option to meet someone’s nutritional needs 6. Health wise, what can you say when you compare it to chickpeas 7. Environment wise, is it a sustainable choice? Why? 8. Any interesting/fun fact

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