Statistics can be beneficial to nursing practice

Statistics can be beneficial to nursing practice

by  Luis Mathison  – Monday, November 13, 2023, 2:06 PM

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Understanding the fundamentals of nursing from its foundations, development, and subsequent performance of the profession, statistics have been indispensable in decision-making within what is known in nursing as evidence-based practice. We know that statistical aid in how data is collected and interpreted, analyzing it in a positive or negative way, is essential for the profession in decision-making always aimed at our patients

One of the benefits from statistics in the daily practice of nursing gives us the advantage of how to use the study results, interpret data found and how to apply  in the medical field to be used and applied to our patients. These investigative studies guide and provide much information within the parameters of validity, reliability, always based on evidence and previous experience. Relating these results to the clinic and preferences of our patients is crucial for future decision-making. Grove, S. K., & Cipher, D. J. (2019).

Consequently, the use of statistics in nursing has taken an important turn in terms of professionally taken improvements to obtain adequate healthcare and obtain information on strengths and weaknesses applicable to the patient for better results. An example could be the use of charts and data control that gives us valuable information to modify or improve applicable treatments and make the best decisions focused on the patient’s well-being (American Nurses Association, 2019).

It is noteworthy that over time, advances have been made through statistical research widely used in nursing, allowing visionary nurses to promote improvements in the individualized care of our patients and their health benefits. Statistical analysis, interpretation of data, and evidence-based experiences are significant for practicing the profession. We can also note that monitoring laboratories, vital signs, response to medications, behavior patterns, among others, can be of great importance in individual management, or with studied general patterns, we can compare and provide the best care. We can also identify any early alterations within the patterns and anticipate their timely attention. Grove, S. K., & Cipher, D. J. (2019).

Finally, it is worth mentioning that within the nursing profession, the everyday use of statistics has maintained a close and strict evaluation of the guidelines and development of the profession, always oriented towards improving patient-centered treatments. The nurse’s knowledge in this area is essential to understand and analyze the benefits and improvements applicable to the health and well-being of our patients.


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