This week in our discussion we discuss goals and strategies.

This week in our discussion we discuss goals and strategies.

Post an explanation of at least two strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments into your professional development goals. Then, explain how those goals may align with the Walden University emphasis on social change. Be specific and provide examples.

I want to offer you my explanation in advance of where we are going with this discussion. The idea is to have you identify your academic accomplishments and your academic goals (my interpretation: What have you already accomplished academically and what degree are you seeking in graduate school right now??). Then, write about 2 strategies for how to integrate these academic goals (such as achievement of the master’s degree in nursing, (Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner) into your professional goals and Walden’s social change mission (my interpretation: How will you use this degree as a professional? What strategies will you use to go from a graduate of Walden to a practicing PMHNP? What will you do with your degree as a professional AND how does this reflect Walden’s emphasis on social change?).

Take some time in personal reflection around these questions. Consider how the course resources for this week are guiding you to present yourself professionally as you create your own “blueprint for success” and become a “scholar of change”. The readings are exclusively around the eportfolio, but I would rather have you focus on your journey and strategies. Name your professional goals. Name the strategies you will use to achieve those goals (this might include creation of an eportfolio!). Figure out where your goals and Walden’s social change mission intersect.

250 words. APA format. Three APA references and 3 incitation.

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