Write a scholarly paper for the capstone project:

Write a scholarly paper for the capstone project:

Hypertension in Homeless Population



Build on the previous completed work that is attached



· 16 pages

· APA 7th ed.; size 12 font

· Minimum of six scholarly references within the last five years

· Follow and include the outline and sections


The capstone project OUTLINE AND SECTION:

1. Title page

2. Abstract

3. Background & Significance

4. Literature Review

5. Supporting Evidence

6. Purpose or Aims of the Study

7. Theoretical Model or Framework

8. Methods/Design/Sampling

9. Proposed Interventions

10. Expected Results/Outcomes

11. Anticipated Conclusion

12. Possible Limitations

13. Potential Implications to Practice

14. References

15. Poster

16. Appendices



· Clear, problem statement

· Establish synthesis of literature and evidence-based practice in all content sections.

· Apply concepts of cultural competency and cultural literacy within the background section and Purpose or Aims of the Study section.

· effective collaboration of the advanced nursing role through leadership, collaboration and improving outcomes in the proposed interventions section

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