There are many early players in the field of psychology.  

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There are many early players in the field of psychology.  Names that have become synonymous with psychology and even popular culture.  These men and women have created ideas and concepts that respected not only within psychology but biology, behavioral training, neuroscience, education, among many, many others.    Schools and fields of psychology have been created as well.


Your task is to take the list of people and key terms listed below and find out why they’re significant and their impact on psychology. You can copy and paste the list into the text box and share your information that way.  Please share your sources as well.  Remember, your looking up information, NOT COPY and PASTING…

List of Psychologists and Schools of Psychology

Mary Calkins

Sigmund Freud

Stanly Hall

William James

Abraham Maslow

Ivan Pavlov

Jean Piaget

Carl Rogers

B. F. Skinner

Edward Titchener

Margaret Washburn

John B. Watson

Wilhelm Wundt

Key terms



Experimental psychology


Humanistic psychology

Cognitive neuroscience

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