What is your preferred leadership style?

Answered step-by-step
Asked by Skatemom725


  • What is your preferred leadership style?
  • In which situations is this leadership style most appropriate?
  • How flexible are you with your leadership style?
    Asked by jaydandeq

    Let’s summarize the claims being made by Phillip Zimbardo in the Stanford Prison experiment.

    • First, what were the variables in the study? Give one independent variable and one dependent variable.


    • For each of your two variables above, identify if they were manipulated or measured variables.


    • How did Zimbardo claim that the two variables are related? What type of claim is this (hint – use your variables: Frequency, Association, or Causal)? Answer both questions.


    • Finally, which type of validity should Zimbardo have been most concerned with, external or internal validity? Why?

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