Ask Copilot + 7 of 7 BIO 150 Nutrition Diet Project Part 2 of 5…

Ask Copilot + 7 of 7 BIO 150 Nutrition Diet Project Part 2 of 5…

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Ask Copilot + 7 of 7 BIO 150 Nutrition Diet Project Part 2 of 5 The ALL DAILY REPORTS includes the following information combined into a single PDF file: Recommendations The Recommendations Report lists the recommended daily nutrient intake for a person based on the information entered. Often referred to as the DRI (Dietary Reference Intake). Bar Graph Report The Bar Graph Report displays graphically the amount of the nutrient consumed and compares that to the dietary intake recommendations. Spreadsheet Report The Spreadsheet shows all the values for all nutrients. Nutrients are displayed horizontally, with totals at the bottom of the list. Macronutrient Distribution The Macronutrient Distribution report is useful for quickly seeing the calorie and fat breakdowns of your intake. The Source of Calories window shows graphically the percentage of calories from protein, carbohydrates, fat, and alcohol. The Source of Fat window shows the breakdown of fat (saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and other fats) Calorie Assessment A close-up picture of the Calories consumed. . Nutrition Facts Formats the analysis as a Nutrition Facts label. MyPlate The MyPlate Food Guide report displays graphically how close the foodlist compares to the lastest USDA Dietary Guidelines (see for more info). Food List Report The Food List report displays a simple list of foods that you have entered, along with their calorie values. 10) For your Diet Project Part 2 of 5 in Unit 3, you will need to upload the following two items: . PDF of your ALL DAILY REPORTS report Your answer to the question in the assignment wyhp W 18 144 DDI prt s 5 8 


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