Chronic Renal Failure -The handout should include the following:

Chronic Renal Failure -The handout should include the following:

TWO pages plus a reference page (see below for detailed directions about your references)

Written as a handout (short sections with limited verbiage and including bullet points, columns, or tables.

Word templates for brochuresLinks to an external site. 

Article on how to make brochure in PagesLinks to an external site. (Mac) – make sure you convert to PDF before you submit (directions are in the article)

A minimum of two graphics – used to enhance the content

Sections of the handout should address the following:

Summary of the condition. i.e., How does the condition develop? What is the effect on the body? Why is it a serious health condition?

The lifestyle factors (and other risk factors) leading to the condition.

General nutrition recommendations. 

Foods allowed and not allowed. i.e., the foods that should be limited/reduced or encouraged (normally in a table or columns). This must be a detailed list of foods on both sides. They must be in the students’ words (i.e., graphics should NOT replace the content you are being graded on).

Medications/supplements that are commonly used to treat the condition (can include necessary vitamins); and which should be avoided.

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