Describe a strawberry: Include information like where it…

A. Describe a strawberry: Include information like where it…

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A. Describe a strawberry: Include information like where it originates, how it is customarily eaten or used, where it is purchased, what food group it fits into, and, for multi-ingredient products, what the main ingredients are. The most important part of section A is to identify 2-3 nutrients or phytochemicals that provide in one serving an amount that qualifies to use the FDA nutrition claims described in C and satisfies the nutrition needs of the audience described in B. The nutrition information for most single and multi-ingredient food servings can be found at FoodData Central. Here is one example:


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Example Ad with Grader Feedbackdocx é? written Section Section A Blue spirulina is an algae that grows in lakes and ponds and can be dried into a blue powder that can be added to smoothies, bowls, or shakes. Smoothie stores have included it in their menu for its vast nutritional value as well as its appealing blue coloring. The algae’s blue pigment, phycocyanin, is used to safely color foods like acai bowls or smoothies, and it boosts phytochemical value. Blue spirulina is also a great source of essential nutrients with a typical 3 gram serving size providing 25% of the daily value for Vitamin A and 14% for iron. Spirulina power can also provide significant protein when consumed in 10-to-20-gram amounts GRADER NOTES ° Interesting and informative – Qualifies for 2 FDA-Approved Nutrient Content Claims ° Lists nutrition information per correct serving size

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