Discussion/Nutritional Needs of Pregnancy and Cultural Diet…

Discussion/Nutritional Needs of Pregnancy and Cultural Diet…

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Discussion/Nutritional Needs of Pregnancy and Cultural Diet Question Question 1: Hannah, a 16 years old high school student, has just discovered that she is pregnant. At 5’3" and 105 lbs., she is under-weight and her typical diet lacks many essential nutrients. For breakfast, she has coffee and a croissant, if anything at all. She often skips lunch or eats chips from the vending machine. She then eats a well-rounded dinner with her family. What risks do you see in this situation for Hannah and her baby? What nutritional recommendations would you make for Hannah? Question 2: Choose one of the following cultures to research their native diet and approach to health. Please do not choose your native culture. Be sure to cite references in APA format. https://www.citationmachine.net/apa Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Haitian, Cape Verdean, Puerto Rican, Vietnamese, Thai, Greek, Italian, French Answer these questions. Please try to present your answers in an easy-to-read format. 1. What are the typical foods eaten by people from these regions? 2. Provide a sample day (menu) of food typical for an adult male or female. 3. How (if at all) does this diet differ from a Western-style diet? 4. How does this culture view diet and health? 5. If presented with a patient from this culture who is in need of weight-loss counseling, what suggestions might you have for them given their cultural background (assume they still adhere to their native diet and cultural beliefs)? 

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