Grains and legumes FOOD DIARIES Food diaries are due on respective dates as indicated on the syllabi You will have a sel Answered over 90d ago

Can someone help me with answering these questions about legumes…

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9. Give two ways that we can reduce phytates How can we increase the iron absorption 10. Best storage method? 11. For each of the Region it is followin generally A dish it is generally used in or cuisine Price per kilo g produced legumes . . . Anasazi beans Lentils Black beans Edamame Red kidney beans Ref. for prices 

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12. Your hummus recipe called for 2 cups of cooked chickpeas but you only had dry ones in storage. To remedy the situation you decided to soak and cook some. However, you forgot that dried legumes fl expand 2-3 times once rehydrated and you measured out 2 cups of dry peas which gave you more than you need for the recipe in question. Suggest a way in which you can use the excess and why. 

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