HUG4050 Assessment Guidance Bethany is a 6 month old baby girl…

HUG4050 Assessment Guidance Bethany is a 6 month old baby girl…

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HUG4050 Assessment Guidance Bethany is a 6 month old baby girl born to — " Sarah (Mother) and James (father). Bethany was born full term via vaginal delivery, gm. weighing 7 lbs 11 oz. ‘ ‘ Sarah tried breast feeding for several months but had to return to work full time meaning milk production decreased as she was not able to express as often. She has been feeding Bethany Aptamil 1 First Infant Milk since she ceased breastfeeding. Bethany’s last weight at 3 months was 6 kg, Her weight today (6 months) is 7.0 kg. Her length today is 66 cm. From taking a 24hr recall with Sarah you r gather that Bethany has roughly 4 feedslday, with each feed being 210 ml. However Sarah does explain that some days this is a bit less, but cannot give exact details. James is not able to give an accurate answer bit echoes those from Sarah. There appear to be no medical issues that are relevant to this case. Both Sarah and James explain that Bethany’s bowel movements are OK, and that she has never suffered with reflux. Both James and Sarah lead very busy lives, meaning that care of Bethany can sometimes be a little chaotic. You ask both parents about weaning and they are unsure exactly about the process and how this should be achieved. INSTRUCTIONS FOR CASE REPORT Your coursework should be presented as a case study report, fully referenced using the Harvard referencing style, containing the following sections: . Title 0 Introduction 0 A brief outline of the importance of nutrition during infancy, and the purpose and content of the report. . Methods 0 Briefly explain where nutritional information was collected from o What guidelines were used to derive nutritional requirements from . Results 0 Plot current weight and height on growth chart (must be included as figure). 0 Describe your main findings of the analysis. Note a table may be useful to show requirements alongside current estimated intakes. 0 Discussion 0 Make an informed judgementabout the status of your client 0 Are there any specific nutrients of concern? What is the evidence base for their importance in health and disease? Are their limitations to the quality of evidence? 0 Interpretation of growth an nutritional status — discuss possible consequences of current nutritional status 0 Consider the wider determinants of health that may impact nutritional intake of your client. . Conclusion 0 Short summary of the key points ofthe discussion . Reference list 

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