Is it safe to limit yourself to a low carb – high protein – high fat diet? What is a good way to divide carbs,

Ramos-Campo, D. J., Pérez, A., Ávila-Gandía, V., Pérez-Piñero,…

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Ramos-Campo, D. J., Pérez, A., Ávila-Gandía, V., Pérez-Piñero, S., & Rubio-Arias, J. Á. (2019). Impact of Caffeine Intake on 800-m Running Performance and Sleep Quality in Trained Runners. Nutrients, 11(9), 2040. Population/Participants : List Gender, mean age, and other important info: Intervention: Sample size: Data Collected: Tools used: Key Points: Summary of Article (detailed):

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