Literature Review Rubric

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Category Exceeds Standard Meets Standard Nearly Meets Standard Does not meet standard

Title Page Title, Your name, Course Name, Date, Instructor’s name, Institution

All relevant parts of the title page are included. The title is appropriate but is not be very concise

Some needed elements are missing.

The title page is either missing or contains inaccuracies. The title page does not follow APA style.

Introduction Clearly and concisely describes topic and its importance, why the topic was chosen, and questions to be answered.

Describes topic and its importance; fails to describe key questions

Introduction describes the topic and its importance ambiguously.

Introduction is incomplete and/or nonfocused. Does not adequately convey topic.

Review of Literature Succinctly summarizes literature without reproducing it. Good use of paraphrase and summaries of main ideas. Focus is on the literature rather than the authors. Relationship of studies to each other and to present study is apparent.

Studies are generally described in enough detail so that relationships between studies can be understood. The review contains unnecessary quotations, or poor paraphrases of the original articles.

Some of the reviewed literature seems to be inappropriate or not well- linked to the topic. Review contains many lengthy quotes. Review is basically a reproduction of the literature.

Review consists of a description of several articles with no attempts to link findings to each other or to the paper. Review is unfocused or material is inappropriate.

Conclusion of Review Engaging; reviews key questions and summarizes answers

Some attempt to summarizes key findings

Summary is vague and unfocused.

No summary or conclusion

Organizational Structure and Development of Ideas in Review

Ideas are logical and sequenced. Paragraphs are well organized; effective use of transitions to facilitate flow

Paragraph development present but not perfected

Logical organization; ideas not fully developed

Little evidence of structure or organization

Reference Section Reference page includes Reference page may leave Some references appear Reference list is more like



all and only cited articles. The articles are appropriately scholarly and appropriate to the topic. Reference section is in APA format, double spaced with hanging indent.

out a cited article or include one that is not cited. The references are scholarly. The page is in APA style with only minor errors. Contains the required number of references

inappropriate for paper. Key references are clearly cited from other sources and not likely read by the student. Reference page is generally in APA style but with many errors.

a bibliography. Fewer than required references or several references that are not scholarly or references included that are from the internet. Many format errors. Not in APA style

Format (General throughout paper)

Paper is double spaced throughout including references; appropriate headings; 1 inch margins on each side of manuscript; Paper contains the required number of pages,

Format does not meet South standards and guidelines. Paper fails to contain the required number of pages

Mechanics No errors in punctuation, capitalization, utilization and spelling. Personal pronouns (I, me, us, we, you) are NOT used. Contractions are NOT used. Slang is NOT used. Sentences are complete. Each sentence stands alone and makes sense if the sentence before and after are removed. Superfluous wording is avoided. Quotations if used are few in number and accurately cited (including page

Few errors in punctuation, capitalization, utilization spelling. Some use of contractions or personal pronouns. Some incomplete sentences, or inappropriately cited quotations.

Many errors in punctuation, capitalization, spelling, use of contractions, use of personal pronouns, incomplete sentences, or inappropriately cited quotations.

Numerous distracting errors make reading and comprehension difficult. Writing ability is well below that which is expected from a graduate level student Paper does not represent graduate level writing




Usage Excellent word choice. No errors in sentence structure or word usage. Uses active past tense voice in review. All abbreviations are written out the first time they are used.

Almost no errors in sentence structure and word usage. Periodic incomplete sentences, problems with subject/verb agreement, or run on sentences, but not to the point of being distracting from the overall focus of the paper.

Distracting errors in sentence structure and word usage. Incomplete sentences, lack of subject/verb agreement, or run-on sentences obscure the meaning of some sentences or paragraphs.

The number of errors in grammar, usage, and sentence syntax suggests writing which is well below that expected from a graduate-level student.

Paraphrase and Quotes Uses paraphrasing and gives appropriate credit for ideas. Uses quotations only when they are essential to the understanding of an idea or concept or when it is essential to “hear” the words of the original author. Quotations contain appropriate citations and include page or paragraph numbers.

Some use of direct quotations. Quotations generally contain the appropriate citation. Quotations over 40 words are placed in a free-standing block, indented without quotation marks.

Paper contains many direct quotations where use of paraphrasing would be appropriate. Direct quotations are in the appropriate format and generally correctly cited.

Paper is generally a linking of multiple direct quotations. Many quotations lack citation or are incorrectly cited. In many instances, information from other sources is used without giving appropriate credit.

Citations All cited works are done in correct format with no errors (APA style manual, 7th edition)

Majority of cited works are done in correct format. Some inconsistencies are

Few works are cited, but format is correct

Citations are incorrectly formatted or absent.



“and” is used in citations outside of parentheses [e.g. “DeWitt and Lawther (2019) suggested that “research can be fun” (p.85). “&” is used in citations within parentheses [e.g. Researchers have reported that “research can be fun” (Dewitt & Lawther, 2019, p. 85).


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