Strategic Planning and Change Management   Step 1: Find and…

Strategic Planning and Change Management   Step 1: Find and…

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Strategic Planning and Change Management


Step 1: Find and investigate  a current topic in Clinical Nutrition Management

As a group, you will develop an outline of the topic that you are assigned. Prior to developing the outline, you will develop a thesis statement to guide the content provided in the outline. The outline should have at least as many major headings as the number of individuals in the group, with each heading having equal content presented as sub-headings. In addition to the major headings on the topic, a final heading should be titled “Conclusions and Recommendations for Dietetics Practice.”


Insert your outline here:


Step 2: Develop a Strategic Plan

Answer/provide clarification for each of the following areas when developing a strategic plan, providing detail and clarity for all areas. As a group, you will assume the role of employees at the facility that you create to serve as stakeholders and to provide input on the strategic plan.

The following is adapted from Chapter 8; therefore, additional details on what needs to be provided in each section are provided in the text. This information will be used as part of your presentation.


Description of Facility

Draft of a description of the type of facility/organization where the strategic plan and change will be implemented. Include items such as the patient/customer population served, size, administrative structure, clinical/foodservice administrators, number of clinical and/or foodservice staff, current policies, and procedures (if any) in the area that will be changed, etc. More detail will make completing the remainder of the worksheet easier.


Define the Scope and Desired Outcomes of the Strategic Plan

Defining the scope of the plan as early as possible is essential. What are the desired outcomes of this plan? What results do you want to achieve? When do you want to achieve these outcomes? What metrics will demonstrate successful outcomes?


Identify Who will be Included in Developing the Strategic Plan

Specific to the change that you plan to implement, list and describe the roles of those individuals that you will need to ensure adoption and execution of the plan. These individuals should be able to provide perspectives that will be valuable to include or will enhance the quality of the plan.


External Trends

Evaluate trends on the topic from research and other resources

Include at least 5 references in AMA style (3 of which are peer-reviewed) on the topic assigned. Give a  summary of the topic utilizing the references identified (AMA in-text citations required.


Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)

Conduct a (mock) SWOT analysis using research, perspectives of the group members and/or perspectives of individuals working in the field. Use information from the text to help guide the development of each area of the analysis including environmental considerations and perspectives of key stakeholders.

Strengths Weaknesses
Opportunities Threats


Figure 8.2 Tactics planning worksheet (adapted)

Complete the following worksheet, including your overall goal for the change and at least 3 objectives and at least 5 tactics/action steps.


Change to be Implemented

Objective 1:


Objective 2:


Objective 3:


Instructions: Use this form as a template to develop a plan of action for each objective.

  • Keep copies handy to update regularly and bring to meetings for review.
  • You may decide to develop new or revised action plans over time.
  • This worksheet can be used in the development of tactics and to review progress of each tactic throughout the strategic planning process.
  • This worksheet can also be used as a tool to update and modify tactics for annual program planning.
Tactics/Action Steps

What will be done?


What funding, time, people, and materials are needed?


Who will do it?


What is the deadline (date)?
















Source: Adapted with permission from reference 8: Strategic Planning: The Roadmap to Success. A Guide for Affiliates and Dietetic Practice Groups. American Dietetic Association; 2006.


Figure 8.3 Measurement system worksheet (adapted)

How will you measure your objectives to determine if they have been achieved? List the at least 1 indicator, target values, data collection plan, and frequency of collection for each objective listed above.


Strategic Plan Measurement System
Indicator Target Value Data Collection Frequency
Who? How?
Indicator Target Value Data Collection Frequency
Who? How?
Indicator Target Value Data Collection Frequency
Who? How?


Step 3: Change Management

Using the assigned change model, provide a detailed description of the activities that will be completed to assure successful implementation of the change at the facility described in Step 2. Details that are included in Step 2 must be included as part of the description of the steps that will be implemented. While a brief description of each stage can be provided, the focus should be on the activities that will be implemented to support the change.


Insert Description of Change Model with Examples Here:



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