The first part of the assignment is to review the diets identified…

The first part of the assignment is to review the diets identified…

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  1. The first part of the assignment is to review the diets identified in the Omega Z Diet Book. Then, identify a person who has been on a weight loss diet and is willing to talk with you.
  2. The second part of this assignment is the actual interview. Complete the questions on the Safe Diets For a Healthy Metabolism Template document. Use either interview or questionnaire format to gather and record answers to questions in the Safe Diets For A Healthy Metabolism Template document.
  3. When the interview is over, using the Omega Z Diet Book, familiarize yourself with the diet they chose and be sure to read the related background information on that diet as well as the diet’s rating informationRead and familiarize yourself with the psychological influences, the macronutrients and relevant sections of metabolismcalories and fad diets as necessary for your subject’s dieting situation. The book provides “More Information Icons” to guide you to pertinent topics. If your subject chose a diet that was not specifically outlined,  review material on that diet from a credible source. In this case a credible source is either a peer reviewed journal article or the diet book itself. Then apply principles outlined in Part 1 – the background information  in the Omega Z Diet Book (psychological influences, metabolism, recognizing fad diets) to your interviewee’s dieting experience in order to determine the safety of the diet your subject chose.

Please note: no exact pages from the Omega Z Diet Book are assigned for reading this week as it will depend on the diet your subject selected.

  1. The last part of this assignment is the analysis/discussion. This analysis/discussion should be provided after/following the completed Safe Diets For a Healthy Metabolism Template document.  Be sure the  analysis/discussion uses the following headings (shown in bold below) as talking points:
  • Perceived barriers – What barriers do you see might hinder the subject  from reaching weight goals while being on their chosen diet? Consider knowledge, education, background, family habits and the diet’s impact on their metabolism as identified in the Omega Z Diet Book. Explain the connections you identify.
  • Did your subject choose a healthy approach to weight loss? Why or why not? Be sure to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of their unhealthy or healthy approaches. The Omega Z Diet Book addresses these issues.
  • Discuss what role a public health nutritionist plays in the lives of people similar to those you interviewed.

Be sure to cite at least 2 credible resources in current AMA format

Safe Diets For a Healthy Metabolism Template

Demographic information of your chosen subject. Demographics include age, height, weight, and any other variables that you would like to add. Do not provide names or identify the subjects.


What diet has your subject gone on before AND why did they choose that diet? Have them explain why they chose that diet.


Have them describe the diet to you.
How did things go on that weight loss diet? Did they have success? How do they define success?
Have they gone on any other weight loss diets? If so, what were they? What were their experience(s) like?
What resources does the subject use to get their nutrition information?
Did the diet recommend regular exercise? Have them describe. If yes, do they still exercise?
Did the subject take vitamins or supplements? Why or why not? If he/she took supplements, how much did he/she spend a month?
If the subject were to learn more about nutrition and weight loss, what specifically would he/she like to learn about or what would be helpful to him/her?

(You are not to address or provide answers to their concerns at this time, simply identify their questions and areas of interest.)

What concerns or questions does the subject have about diet or health in general, if any?

(You are not to address or provide answers to their concerns at this time, simply list their concerns.)

Feel free to ask any other questions you feel will help you better understand your subject on this matter.


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