Health care services are provided in a variety of settings from preventative screening programs to delivery of meals on wheels to the homebound. This assignment will give you the opportunity to exp

Health care services are provided in a variety of settings from preventative screening programs to delivery of “meals on wheels” to the homebound.  This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore a type of health care organization/agency with which you are not familiar.Obtain the following information about a local health care organization, excluding acute-care hospitals (that also means hospital systems) or an agency where you are or have worked or volunteered in the past.

  1. Name of the organization/agency
  2. Address
  3. Contact person – name, title, credentials
  4. List of services offered by the organization/agency
  5. Identify where on the continuum of health care these services fit (see below for definitions)
  6. Identify the owners of the organization/agency and specify whether it is a public, private, not-for-profit, or for-profit organization
  7. List and describe of the types of organizations with whom the agency is a part of or affiliated. Is it a chapter of a national organization? How does this relationship affect the work of the agency?
  8. Description of the types of clients served by the agency (e.g., senior citizens over age 55 years)
  9. Source of funding; Do clients pay for the services? Does any third-party reimbursement (insurance) cover the services? Are there limits to the amount of services covered by the payor? Does the agency get funding outside of client fees and reimbursement (e.g. donations) or support from a parent organization?
  10. Is the agency licensed? If yes, name the regulations with which the agency must comply
  11. Is the agency accredited? If yes, name the organization and the standards with which this organization must comply.
  12. Provide the website of the organization and any other sources you used to gather the information.

Please see attached grading rubric. Please number your answers. This is not just a quick copy/paste assignment!

For item 5:

Primary care (acute care, preventative, chronic care) (You should not be selecting acute care)

Secondary (medical specialists)

Tertiary (specialized hospital, trauma center) (You should not be selecting a hospital or trauma center)

Quaternary (experimental medicine)

Support Organization (non-medical but provides services that aid in maintaining health – ex: Meals on Wheels)

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