Name ARUSH Reason for Referral/Presenting Complaint/Diagnosis:…

Name ARUSH Reason for Referral/Presenting Complaint/Diagnosis:…

Answered step-by-step
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Reason for Referral/Presenting Complaint/Diagnosis: WEIGHT LOSS
Age: 24 Height: 5’8
Weight: 185 BMI: 28.1
Food/Nutrition-Related History
Number of servings:

8oz-eq starches, veg, 2 fruit, milk, 6.5oz meats, 7 fats, and 362 other Cho.

Energy intake 3,312.5 kcalories.

Protein intake 115 grams/day or 13.8 % of kcalories

Total fat intake ~ 121.5 grams/day of total fat or 33.0% of kcalories from fat.

Carbohydrate intake 1,133 grams/day or 34.2 % of kcalories.

Micronutrients of concern:  vitamin C, A and complex B; Calcium, Iron and Potassium

Physical Activity:  0 min of moderate or vigorous activity per (day, week)

Other physical activity concerns: walking outside to take the bus and walking to the classroom 

Anthropometric Measures Client History
Recommended BMI 18.5 – – – 24.9  kg/m2

IBW 150.8 | % IBW 122.52

UBW 150 | % UBW 123.33

Recent wt changes:  35 lbs in the past 6(months or year).

Weight Status:  Overweight. Arush’s current weight is 185 lbs, which is 35 lbs above his usual weight of 150 lbs. This significant weight gain is a concern.



  • Arush follows a Hindu lifestyle and engages in daily prayer.
  • He recently moved to the US from India to complete his PhD in Biology at the University of Alabama.
  • Lives in a small apartment with a roommate, who is also from India.
  • He occasionally cut attends activities at the temple.


  • No significant medical or surgical history.
  • Father had a heart attack five years ago.
  • Mother has diabetes.


  • Arush is on a tight budget due to his graduate student stipend.
  • Often does not have enough money for food.
  • Limited cooking skills and a small kitchen.
  • Arush and his roommate prefer takeout from an Indian restaurant or fast food. Occasionally, they have home-cooked meals at friends’ houses.
  • Hindu dietary restrictions (no beef or eggs).
Knowledge, Beliefs, and Attitudes Medications/Supplements
Arush believes in the benefits of both Ayurvedic and Western medicine. He follows a daily routine that includes prayer and meditation. Does not consume alcohol or smoke. No medications / Supplement: Ginseng, Echinacea, Gingko, and Aloe Vera.
Standards (Recommendations) 
Energy Needs: (9.99 x Weight [83.91]) + (6.25 x Height [172.72]) – (4.92 x 24) + 5 = 1804.57.

Protein Needs: 102 to 178.81 grams

Food Group Needs: using 1,800 kcal recommendation: fruits 1.5 cups, vegetables 2.5 cups, grains 6oz-eq, meat and beans 5oz-eq, milk 3 cups, oil 5tsp and discretionary calorie allowance <195.


AMDR for Carbohydrate: 229.9 to 332.09 g per day

AMDR for Fat: 45 to 79 g per day

Physical Activity Recommendations: Arush should be encouraged to incorporate more physical activity into his daily routine, as he currently has limited physical activity approximately 150 minutes.

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